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The objective of this project component was to support the Government to develop transparent arrangements for optimal generation and use of mineral revenues. (Read more followed by imagery highlights of achievements)

B-1: Reforming the Mineral Royalty and Tax Regime by completing the establishment of a coherent, standardized and globally competitive fiscal regime for mining through design and implementation of suitable royalty and tax regulations.

B-2: Maximizing Mineral Revenue Collection by building capacity in royalty and tax administration.

B-3: Building Mineral Revenue Transparency so that revenue collection arrangements can be subjected to scrutiny and assurances given to the public that revenues are being properly accounted for.

B-4: Developing Mineral Revenue Forecasting as part of the Government‘s annual budget preparation cycle and medium-term macro-economic planning.

B-5: Developing Mineral Revenue Management Policies to deal with potentially large and volatile mineral revenue flows and determine allocations made from funds collected.

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