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The objective of this project component was to support the government in improving the enabling environment of mining sector development by acquiring and disseminating geo-data; fostering more sustainable artisanal and small scale mining; increasing the supply of Malawians trained at tertiary level in mining related disciplines; and improving the policy environment for mining related infrastructure development.

Program of Geo-data Acquisition

Country wide Airborne Geophysical Survey undertaken and Airborne Geophysical Data launched on 20th August 2015. Launch of High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data

The objective of this sub component was to gradually improve ASM practices through institutional support to the ASM sub-sector, as measured by the proportion of ASM taking place under mining and environmental regulatory frameworks and regular delivery of training and extension services to ASM by the mining and environmental authorities. Achievements so far:

  • ASM Policy drafted and approved
  • some equipment procured,
  • 9 cooperatives formed and
  • over 450 ASMs trained.


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