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This sub component was aimed at setting up the structure and support arrangements for continuous and formalized dialogue among stakeholders on mining policy issues and oversight of policy implementation, as well as design of Sector Wide communications strategy and outreach functions.

A sector wide functional review was undertaken where the capacity of public institutions involved in mining was assessed and recommendations on capacity strengthening involving human resources, equipment and systems were made.

A sector wide communication strategy was also developed so that continuous and formalized information sharing among stakeholders in the mineral sector would be promoted. A multi stakeholder forum was set up based on the recommendations of the communication strategy. This forum was also converted into a Multi Stakeholder Group to advance the agenda of the Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) which meets on a quarterly basis. Through this grouping, collaboration among the government, civil society and mining companies has improved leading to increased awareness and transparency around the mining sector.

Reforming of the Mining Legislation 

This sub component was aimed at preparing drafting instructions for the new mining law and developing a body of regulations to give effect to it, covering mineral licensing, monitoring and inspection functions, health, safety and environmental standards, and a model Mining Development Agreement.

It is expected that once the draft legislation (Bill) is enacted, it shall provide a tool for efficient and sustainable management of the mining sector, attraction of investment in the sector; offering certainty and security of tenure to investors, sustaining socio-economic growth of Malawi, ensuring transparency and accountability in the mining sector, and increasing the collection of revenue from mining.

Modernizing Mineral Licencing

The objective of this sub component was to establish a modern computer-based cadastral system and administrative arrangements for the efficient and transparent allocation and management of mineral exploration and mining rights by MNREM. The computer based cadastre system has been operational since  April 2017 and is updated in real time. The map portal with public information can be accessed on http://portals.flexicadastre.com/malawi. All licence data from 2009 to date has been captured into the database and all licence applications are being processed through the system by a trained team of officers.

Strengthening Mineral Operations Supervision    

The objective of this sub component was to build the capacity of MNREM for regular monitoring and inspections of exploration, mining and mineral processing operations using appropriate equipment. To this effect, some officers from the Department of Mines have been trained for sustainable mining practices. The one-month course covered issues of mining methods and processes, use of explosives in mining industry, mineral processing technologies, occupation safety and health in mining related work places.

 Strengthening Environmental and Social Management of Mining

The aim of this sub component was to establish a comprehensive environmental and social management framework and robust monitoring systems at central, district and community levels in order to support the Government to build an efficient, transparent and environmentally and socially sustainable framework for managing mineral rights and operations. 

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