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 List of Bulletins available and contact the Director for more information

  • Bulletin No. 5, The Chirwa Series of southern Nyasaland by Dixey W. Campbell Smith and Bisset (Reserved Edition 1955).
  • Bulletin No. 6, The Geology and Mineral Resources of Malawi by G.S Carter and J.D Bennet (2nd Edition Revised 1973).
  • Bulletin No. 7, Electrical Aids in Underground water Finding by G.W Cooper (1950, 2nd Edition, 1965)
  • Bulletin No. 8, The Geology of the Nkana (Ngana) Coalfield, Karonga District by K. Bloomfield (1958).
  • Bulletin No.9, The Geology of the Port Herald (Nsanje) Area by K.Bloomfield (1958)
  • Bulletin No. 10, The Geology of the Middle Shire Area by S.W Morel (1958)
  • Bulletin No. 11, The Geology of the Livingstonia Coalfield by W.G Cooper and F. Habgood (1959).
  • Bulletin No. 12, The Geology of the Lake Chirwa Area by M.S Garson (1960)
  • Bulletin No. 13, The Geology of the Tambani Salambidwe Area by W.G.G. Cooper and K. Bloomfield (1961).
  • Bulletin No. 14, The Geology of the Country West of the River between ChikwawКупить Женские кроссовки Nike Air Jordan 1 (черный-красный-белый) g02800 a and Chiromo by F. Habgood (1958).
  • Bulletin No 15, Carbonites in Southern Malawi by M.S Garson (1965).
  • Bulletin No. 16, The Geology of the Zomba Area by K. Bloomfield (1965).
  • Bulletin No. 17, The Geology of the Kirk Range Lisungwe Valley Area by K. Bloomfield and M.S Garson.
  • Bulletin No. 18, The Geology of the Shire Highlands by R.K Evans (1965)
  • Bulletin No. 19, The Geology of the Ntcheu- Balaka Area by R.D Walshaw (1965)
  • Bulletin No. 20, The Kangankunde Hill Rare Earth Prospect by D.H. Holt (1965).
  • Bulletin No 21, The Geology of the Mulanje area by M.S. Garson and R.D Walshaw (1969).
  • Bulletin No. 22, The Geology of the Thyolo Area by Habgood, D.H. Holt, R.D. Walshaw (1969).
  • Bulletin No. 23, The Geology of the South Lilongwe Plain and Dzalanyama Range by E.C, Thatcher and M.J, Walter (1968).
  • Bulletin No. 24, The Geology of the Mchinji Upper Bua Area by E.C. Thatcher and K.C Wilderspin (1968).
  • Bulletin No 25, The Geology of the Kasungu Area by E.R Peter (1969).
  • Bulletin No. 26, The Geology of the Lilongwe Dowa Area by M.J. Walter (1972).
  • Bulletin No. 27, The Geology of the Ntchisi Middle Bua Area by K.S Belllingham and J. Bromley (1973).
  • Bulletin NO. 28, The Geology of the Cape Maclear Peninsula and Lower Bwanje Valley by A.L. Dawson and I.M, Kirkpatrick (1968).
  • Bulletin No. 29, The Geology of Dedza Area by E.C. Thatcher (1968)
  • Bulletin No. 30, The Geology of the Salima Mvera Mission Area by M.J. Walter (1972).
  • Bulletin No. 31, The Geology of the Dwangwa Area by J. Kemp (1974).
  • Bulletin No. 32, The Geology of Nkhotakota Benga Area by D.R Harrison and F.W.P. Chapusa (1975).
  • Bulletin No. 33, The Geology of Malombe Area by F.R.M Phiri et al (in preparation)
  • Bulletin No. 34, The Geology of the Lake Chiuta Area by A.L. Dawson (1970).
  • Bulletin No. 35, The Geology of Mangochi Makanjira Area by A.W. King and A.L. Dawson (1976).
  • Bulletin No. 36, The Geology of the South Viphya Area by E.R. Peters (1975)
  • Bulletin No. 37, The Geology of the Mzimba Area by J.L. Gaskel (1973).
  • Bulletin No. 38/39, The Geology of the Rumphi Nkhata-Bay Area by D.A.S. Hopkins (1973)
  • Bulletin No. 40, The Geology of the Nyika Area by E.C Thatcher.
  • Bulletin No 41, The Geology of the Uzumara Area by J. Kemp (1975).
  • Bulletin No. 42, The Geology of the Chitipa Karonga Area By G.E Ray (1975).
  • Bulletin No. 43, Regional Geochemical Reconnaissance of Malawi by G.S. Carter, H.W. Haslam and S.H. smith (1973).

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