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The Department of Mines is undertaking the following activities:

  • Construction of a kiln and shade for lime production at Chenkumbi Hill and Uliwa in Balaka and Karonga Districts respectively. The kilns will be operated by Cooperatives as a rural livelihood enhancement group. This was done in conjunction with the Cooperative’s Division in the Ministry of Trade and Commerce. The kilns use coal as fuel and it is hoped that this will help reduce deforestation in Malawi and improve the quality of lime produced;
  • Process flow sheets for the Katengeza and Chiwamba graphite have been done and these will lead to small-scale pencil production in support of the free primary education. Similar trials on other minerals will be undertaken;
  • Training workshops were conducted to empower small-scale miners in various skills including prospecting, mining, processing, grading, cutting and polishing of gemstones; and
  • Participate in conducting baseline surveys for various impending mining project in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Affairs.

Other activities included the following:

  • Collaborating with Malawi Police Service, Customs and Malawi Revenue Authority for the development and inclusion of knowledge and skills in minerals and gemstones in their syllabi with a view to equip officials from these institutions with skills to identify minerals so as to curb smuggling of gemstones and other minerals;
  • Training of Quarry Operators to enhance safety and environmental awareness in mines and quarries;
  • Updating of tenement maps;
  • Provision of extension services to Artisanal small-scale miners;
  • Conducting explosives, occupational, health, safety and environmental inspections of operating mines and quarries; and
  • Development of promotional material for attracting investment into the minerals sector.
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